Everything about soaked up fun is here waiting for you!


Dancing, foam party, belly dancers, Latin dancers and many more activities await you at the Aqua Dream. They continue all day long and you can join them free of charge!

Rain Dance

Dance where we combine music and water is a great fun for all ages and great experience. It’s where we make nice dance moves with water combinations and our animation team cheer you up as you take the rhythm and dance with raining water.

Latin Dance

With Latin American vibes, do not feel surprised if you find yourself dancing with our dancers. Another great pool activity where you can dance to exotic Latin moves or try to impress others with your moves!

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A must have for the Turkish entertainment, The Belly Dancers!

Foam Party

A great Aqua Park classic is the foam party! You can have great moment s with the kids as you play along the bubbles and foam and also a great photo opportunity!

The Belly Dance

This is where Turkish moves step forward and you can dance to the famous Turkish Belly Dancer! Great costumes, exotic moves and beautiful songs await you as you take a challenge and enjoy a great Turkish Belly Dancing. Don’t forget to take pictures as they will be a great story to tell to your friends when you go back home!

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